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New Police Zone 4 News from Officer Primak

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From Robyn Steele, 200 South Humphrey

On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 30th at 1:00 my 15 year old son was mugged in our alley (200 block of S. Humphrey)
He was walking East on Pleasant where 4 African American male youths (ages approximately 14-16) started following him. When he got to the middle of our alley (only 2 houses away from our back gate) they jumped him, punched him in the eye and took his cell phone and back pack. The youths then ran north through the Humphrey alley towards South Blvd. and then over to Austin.

We immediately called police, who responded extremely quickly. The police, my husband and son went looking for the offenders in a patrol car, but were unsuccessful.

I give this word of caution to all - if you think you are being followed, DO NOT go down alleys. Stick to the middle of the street.

Just wanted all to be aware of the situation.

Robyn Steele

PS from David:
MJ was leaving our garage shortly before this happened and noticed about 8 boys of this same age scattered about on opposite sides of the street. If you see large groups like this milling around and don't recognize the individuals, call the Police immediately. Since these robberies have been going on for months now, our neighborhood has to take more affirmative action about calling before something occurs. It would also be nice if the Police could notify us when things were happening so that we could be on the look out. Since they don't share this information with us, we need to keep each other in the loop about things we see and hear about.

Zone 4 Community Policing Newsletter

Bike-riding robbers strike in Oak Park

From Chicago Breaking News

September 16, 2008 at 10:40 PM | Comments (1)

Police say two Oak Park residents were robbed in separate incidents recently when groups of bike-riding teens surrounded them and demanded money or belongings.

One Oak Park youth reported that three teens riding bikes surrounded him and demanded his bike about 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the 400 block of Lake Street.

Lost Keys

From the Bakers on the 200 block of Randolph

Ellie just walked in with a set of keys from under the maple on the west end of monkey island. (The grassy area on the 200 block of Randolph) They are a bike lock key and a few others. They are on a red Coach key fob. If you think they are yours, please e-mail Geoff Baker at gabaker@dowellbaker.com.

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