Kevin Wiley Deployed

From Gary and Betty Wiley,

Greetings to all our former neighbors (but always friends) from Taylor Ave.

I don't normally do group mailings but this news is something I would rather not repeat more often than needed. Kevin called the other night and said he is being deployed to Afghanistan in October for six months. He will be stationed at Bagram Air Base in Kabul and will work as an Electronic Warfare
Officer teaching Army personel how to use bomb detection equipment.

Why they are using an Air Force test pilot to do this, I am not sure. One thing that is certain is that the Pentagon has no interest in my doubts about the decisions it makes. Please keep Kevin and his wife, Amanda in your thoughts and prayers.

There are many neighbors whose e-mails I do not have yet I would like for them to know this also. If you could spread the word at the block party, I
would really appreciate it.

Best wishes to all,
Gary and Betty