Missing cat!

One of our two cats went missing yesterday (12/3) morning. Sunny is a 10-month old brown, shorthaired tabby cat with a black-tipped tail, black stripes on his cheeks and black spots on his tummy. He was wearing a collar with a purple and a yellow tag. While he knows our immediate neighborhood, but he may have wandered too far this time to find his way back home.

If you do see him, could you bring him in and give us a call at 660-0376 or cell 708-288-3850; you can also call the 24PetWatch number on his tag. We'll come pick him up! Thank you! Our kids miss him!

Shannon and Riyaz Asaria

Winter Events

West Suburban Access News Association will be hosting their second Benefit Concert on January 2,2009. It will be from 6-10 PM at Pilgrim Congrgational Church at 460 Lake Street here in Oak Park.
Admission will be just $5.00 and music will be aimed at teens but all are welcome.
Oppertunities exist for donations to be made and all donation received by December 20th will be noted in concert brochure. Please put concert in information line of check.

The concert will allow WSANA to continue to maintain its website wwww.wsana.org and other activities.

Crime Tips

Hi Neighbors...
Being new to the neighborhood and also to this site, I thought I would reach out and introduce myself to those of you I haven't met. I'm Monte Summers and my wife's name is Cindy. We are at 135 S Taylor. I look forward to meeting all those that I haven't met yet.

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